One great way to add comfort, value, and space to your property is to remodel a finished or unfinished basement. There are a lot of things you can do to make your basement more useful. It’s best for casual social activities for your loved ones, suits for your in-laws, a man-cave for your partner, a craft room for your kids, or a game room for your son.  

Your basement is the ideal spot for the pool table, projector TV, big screen, and to manage both board and video games.  

Before you hire Grand Rapids basement pros, here are several ideas you should consider for your basement remodel: 

Complement the Space with Great Lighting 

The key to the success of your basement remodel is excellent lighting. Track or recessed lighting offers excellent light overall. On the other hand, area lamps and accent lighting can offer a cozier and warmer feel. Your needs for lighting greatly depend on what you want.  

Unfortunately, you can make your basement more difficult to use if you choose the wrong lighting.  

Upgrade the Doors and Windows 

Oftentimes, it is easy to forget that you can upgrade the existing doors and windows of your basement. You can even add more if you want. Upgrading or adding basement doors and windows will help improve natural light inside the room. In addition to that, you can also improve the ventilation of your basement and can greatly improve your enjoyment of the room. Furthermore, these features can work together with outdoor renovations to offer a shared space for gatherings.  

Install an Appealing and Safe Staircase 

You already have a set of stairs for your basement. However, it will be more ideal if you add a bit of style to it while still doing an important job. You should consider installing a winding or floating staircase. If you want to add depth and levels to your room, you should also consider adding in a landing. Simply ensure that you are compliant with the safety and building codes, no matter the type of staircase you choose. Luckily, a professional basement remodeling contractor can help you with this.  

Cater to Both Your Needs and Wants 

Do you hate running back and forth to your kitchen just to get the snacks that you want? Do your guests sleep on air mattresses or couches when they spend the night? Do you often fight with your loved ones on who should use the bathroom first? If the answer to these questions is yes, you should include a kitchen, a bathroom, and a spare bedroom in your basement remodel. 

Make the Basement Feel Like Home 

It’s crucial that you make the space more inviting for you, your loved ones, and your guests. It is an excellent move to keep the theme of your home running through the basement. Pick comfortable and similar furnishings that reflect what you’ve got in your home. Make sure the furniture you choose accommodates your guests properly. Also, incorporate features that suit that room. This can include proper lighting, surround sound systems, a smart TV, and more.