Pastoral Team 


Pastoral Administrator
Deacon Larry Deford Pastoral Administrator
Fr. T.J. Fleming Sacramental Minister
 Pastoral Support 
Karen Smith Pastoral Minister
Interim Director of Faith Formation
Kathryn Cramer Director of Youth Ministry
Pam Daily Coordinator of Faith Formation
Alissa Hetzner  Director of Music/Liturgy
Steve Holovach Music Assistant
  Main Office
 Lori Snyder  Parish Secretary
Carol Maurer  Bookkeeper
 Frederick Fitch  Maintenance
Philip Schmelzer Maintenance Assistant
  Commissioned Lay Ministers
 Michael Snyder  
 Veronica Horn  
 Katherine Haney  
 Ginny Little  
Joseph Ricard  
Pamela Daily  
Jacqueline Gere  
 Prayer Requests 
 Prayer Requests  
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