A lot of people are already planning entertaining guests and hosting holiday parties with the holidays right around the corner. Though you definitely want to offer appealing décor and tasty meals for your visitors, you also want to provide an inviting and clean house. It’s vital to maintain your home from bottom to op to keep it looking its best. For presenting a clean and fresh house, keeping your carpets and rugs clean is vital. 

It can appear almost impossible to keep your rugs in great condition with visitors regularly coming and going during the holidays. Fortunately, there are a couple of effective and easy methods to make your rug and carpet cleaning in Grand Rapids Michigan tasks flawless. 

Utilize Rug Protectants 

Probably the ideal way to protect your rugs and carpets is to treat stains before they happen. Rug protectants will help stop stains if ever a spill happens. Soils will have no place to soak in since these protectants contain stain blockers. In addition to that, you can get rid of the spill easily from the carpet or rug. You should call your local carpet and rug cleaning company and inquire about rug protectants. 

Rotate and Shake 

Another effective and easy way to keep your carpets looking their best is by shaking them. Though vacuuming is definitely useful at getting rid of a lot of dirt, it doesn’t get rid of all the things hidden in your carpet. One way to get rid of any extra debris and dirt is to take your rugs outside to shake and beat them. You may also think about periodically rotating the rugs. This will help the rugs to evenly wear and can also help to prevent the rug from fading.  

Get Rid of Spills Right Away 

Accidental spills are bound to occur. It does not matter whether you’re simply doing your day-to-day routine or you’re entertaining visitors. The key here is you’ve got to be prepared always. You’ve got to ensure you tackle any spill as fast as you can to prevent the stain from setting. If required, you need to spot clean the spill immediately. You’ve got to ensure you don’t rub the spill. The best way to get rid of it is to blot it. this will help to get rid of the moisture without spreading the stain.  

Remove the Shoes 

One of the easiest techniques to lower the amount of debris and dirt that can get tracked inside your house and on your rugs is to get rid of the shoes at the front door. Aside from getting rid of a lot of grime and dirt, you are also stopping bacteria and germs from entering your house too. 

Regular Vacuuming 

It’s vital to vacuum the rugs on a routine basis. This is one thing you should consider first. You need to vacuum at least once every week. If you’ve got kids or pets, then you might have to vacuum more often. Regular vacuuming can help stop dirt from accumulating and causing discoloration and stains.