Blessed Trinity Catholic Church
958 E. Tuscola St.
Frankenmuth, MI  48734

TO:  All Hospitality Ministers
FROM:  Jim Williams, Hospitality Minister’s Coordinator
REGARDS:  Hospitality Ministers Schedules for March, April, and May 2019
DATE: February 18, 2019


Thank You:  Thank to all for stepping up for the Christmas and New Years Masses.  All were covered well and went well.

Security Update:  This week there was a new security system installed in Church.  The Handicap Doors are now programmed to be unlocked and locked.  They will be auto locked at 5 PM, 9 AM, and 11 AM when the services begin, they will be unlocked at 5:45 PM, 9:45 AM, and 11:45 AM. On Holy Days and Special Masses Fred will have these doors programmed in the same manner.  The front doors are not on the new security system and are locked and unlocked manually.  If we should ever have to lock them on a Security Lockdown the key for these will be on the bulletin board at the Hospitality Ministers Nook (this location may change)  Please monitor the Handicap door to make sure it is opening and closing ok. 

First Aid Training:  Just a heads up that I am going to be working on getting some First Aid Training for the Parish Staff, Hospitality Ministers, and the Men’s Club after Easter.  I will advise all when I get more details on the training.  We have witnessed a couple of times the need of being ready in an emergency situation.


Easter:  Easter this year is on April 21st.  Easter Masses, Holy Thursday, and Good Friday will be a volunteer sign up.  The Easter Vigil Mass will be around 8:30 PM (time not yet confirmed) and at 9 AM and 11 AM on Easter Sunday.  There will be an evening of liturgy walk-throughs for Easter
Vigil and Easter Sunday, those that are volunteering for these Masses are encouraged to attend.  Holy Thursday Mass at 7 PM, Good Friday 1 PM Service.

Here is the March, April, and May 2019 Hospitality Ministers Schedule.  We have included the following in the mailing:

- Schedule for March, April, and May 2019
- Current Hospitality Contact List 

The following are reminders and notes on procedures:

1. We still have a Captain for each Mass.  It is important for the scheduled Hospitality Ministers communicate with the Captain on duties during the Mass to include the Cross Barer, Security Person, and other duties.

2. Need to remind all Hospitality Ministers not to have conversations in the back of the church during Mass.  If discussions are needed please use the gathering area.

3. When taking The Host and Wine to members that need to receive the Eucharist at their seats try and not move the giving of the host to next the person until after the person has received both the bread and wine.  Sometimes this is a bit tricky with our different priests, however we need to do the best we can on this.

4. I would suggest that if you have a cell phone and you are a Hospitality Minister that you bring it to Church, always keep it on vibrate, this could speed up the process of a call for a 911 Emergency.

5. The Church has new phones, the one remains at the Hospitality Ministers Nook plus one has been added in the Sacristy.  You no longer have to select a line to call, once the phone is picked up you have an active outside line.

Can’t Make your Schedule:  If you cannot make your scheduled Mass then please secure a substitute and communicate it to your Captain.  Do not call the church office if you cannot make it, call a replacement.  Use the contact list attached.  Please consider your follow Hospitality Ministers on this matter so you don’t leave them short.

As always being Alert and Aware of the surroundings is always a must.

Thank you,

Jim Williams



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