Blessed Trinity Catholic Church
958 E. Tuscola St.
Frankenmuth, MI  48734


Blessed Trinity Catholic Church
958E. Tuscola St.
Frankenmuth, MI 48734


TO: All Hospitality Ministers


FROM: Jim Williams, Hospitality Minister’s Coordinator


REGARDS: Hospitality Ministers Schedules for September, October, and November 2018


DATE: August 15, 2018




  1. For the Fall Schedule I am working closely with Lori on the Scheduling of the Hospitality Ministers. We have included the following in this mailing:
    - Schedule for September, October, and November 2018
    - Current Hospitality Contact List
    - Revised Hospitality Ministers Document


We have made it through the summer months and will continue 5 - person schedule to support the new security procedures. My observation is that in most part it is going well.


Just as an information item there are no longer set teams with the same Captain. With the scheduling of the additional Hospitality Ministers at each mass and accommodating various personal scheduling conflicts of individuals it is necessary to go to this type of flexible scheduling.


Once again it has been very helpful with the response of your scheduling conflicts for the fall months. I believe that I have again accommodated all of the requests for the fall months of September, October, and November.


Note for 11 AM Mass: Captains you have also been scheduled as part of the schedule other than just the Sunday that you are Captain for, please read the schedule thorougly.


Can’t Make your Schedule: If you cannot make your scheduled Mass then please secure a substitute and communicate it to your Captain. Do not call the church office if you cannot make it, call a replacement. Use the contact list attached. Please consider your follow Hospitality Ministers on this matter so you don’t leave them short.


Two changes have been requested by Karen Smith our Pastoral Administrator:


  • Once the Crucifix is placed in the altar stand at the beginning of Mass please exit via the west perimeter of the worship area. The procession is being done a little differently, so there is no need for Hospitality Minister to come back to the front of the altar and bow with the priest.
  • Need to remind all Hospitality Ministers not to have conversations in the back of the church during Mass. If discussions are needed please use the gathering area.


Emergency: Just a FYI that there is a telephone at the Hospitality Ministers nook that can be used to call 911 emergency. Make sure that you push a line out and get a dial tone and then call 911. Make sure that you identify that it is Blessed Trinity Catholic Church and the address of 958 East Tuscola, it seems that the 911 response people have trouble where West and East Tuscola Street is in Frankenmuth.


As always being Alert and Aware of the surroundings is always a must.

Thank you,

Jim Williams
Home Phone: 989 652-6345
Cell Phone: 989 239-3472


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Grateful for the Past…..Preparing for the Future